Conference on Isoprenoids Abstract Books

Isoprenoid Society brings you abstract books from the previous conferences
In the years 1966-1971 the conferences were devoted to steroids only.

1 Warszaw, PL1966To be added
2Szklarska Poręba, PL1967To be added
3Karpacz, PL1969To be added
4Jadwisin, PL1971Abstract Book
5Liblice Castle (north of Prague), CZSept. 9-11, 1973Abstract Book
6Toruń, PLSept. 14-18, 1975Abstract Book
7Tatranská Lomnica, SKMay 9-13, 1977Abstract Book
8Toruń, PLSept. 9-15. 1979To be added
9Praha, CZSept. 7-11, 1981Abstract Book
10Třeboň, CZOct. 16-21, 1982Abstract Book
11Jachranka, PLSept. 16-21, 1985Abstract Book
12Pec pod Sněžkou, CZOct. 4-11, 1987Abstract Book
13Poznaň, PLSept. 24-29, 1989Abstract Book
14Tábor, CZSept. 15-21, 1991Abstract Book
15Zakopane, PLSept. 20-25, 1983Abstract Book
16Praha, CZSept. 17-23, 1995Abstract Book
17Krakow, PLSept. 21-26, 1997Abstract Book
18Prachatice, CZ Sept. 10-16, 1999Abstract Book
19Gdańsk - Jurata, PLSept. 8-14, 2001Abstract Book
20Liberec, CZAug. 12-18, 2003Abstract Book
21Białowieźa, PLSept. 23-29, 2005Abstract Book
22Prague, CZSept. 7-10, 2014Abstract Book
23Minsk, BYSept. 4-7, 2016Abstract Book
24Bialystok, PLSept. 9-12, 2018Abstract Book

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